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Risk Management is a very real and serious issue facing senior management in organisations all over the world.

This complex discipline of planning, organising and controlling, is now an essential component of every business.

At Westminster Insurance we will help you:
  • Identify areas of concern and dangerous practices in your existing business operations.
  • Examine repetitive and catastrophic losses, and the results.
  • Determine which risks should be covered by insurance, and which you can insure yourself.
  • Design loss control programs to minimise your operational risks and mitigate losses, thereby reducing your premiums and any self-insured losses.
To achieve the above we can provide assistance with:
  • Risk analysis surveys
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management
  • Contingency/Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Fire Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Alternative Risk Transfer Services
  • Preparing Risk Management Manuals
  • Coordinating underwriter services and those of other specialised professionals
  • Contract Analysis
  • Out sourcing and Consultancy of all or any of the above services
One of the tools we use to consider and advise clients in relation to insurable risk is an Uninsured Risks Review. We invite you to conduct a self assessment of your risks by reviewing this document.
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