Insurance Broking | Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the Statutory Charges that appear on my Invoice ?
A: Statutory charges are compulsory "Government Charges" or taxes that are added to insurance premiums and collected by the Treasury.
The Insurer and Broker receive none of the funds collected. These charges include the following and other than GST, vary from State to State:
  • Fire Service Levy (FSL)
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Stamp Duty (SD)
  • Supplementary Levy
Q: What do I need to pay an invoice by EFT?
A: Our bank account details are shown on the front of your invoice. Please remember to include the invoice number as the bank reference & email or fax a confirmation advice to your account executive.

Q: What are our credit terms?
A: All invoices are due & payable within fourteen days of receipt of invoices
Q: Will I need to complete a claim form?
A: Some motor vehicle and property claims can be lodged over the phone and will not require a claim form.

To find out if a claim form is required, please contact our claims team. If required they can then forward a form to you by e-mail, fax or post.

Q: I have been asked for a Certificate of Currency, how do I get one?
A: We can provide you with a Certificate of Currency, as long as your insurance policy is currently in force and the premium has been paid in full. Please contact your Account Executive to organise for you.

Q: Who is entitled to drive company cars?
A: Any authorised employee of the company is entitled to drive company vehicles. It is expected that these employees hold a current drivers license and would not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as the policy would exclude any claims related to those drivers.

Q: Who is covered under the corporate travel policy?
A: Most travel policies automatically extend to cover all business related trips made by Directors, Executives and Employees travelling with the permission of the policyholder including their Accompanying Spouse/Partner and their Dependant Children.
Leisure travel associated with a business trip is also usually covered.
Westminster has developed a policy wording that also automatically includes leisure travel only for nominated executives.
The policy does not automatically cover contractors and consultants, however it can be extended to do so.
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